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There are many ways to help Aboriginal people to maintain their cultural heritage.
But also very important thing is the physical support in many areas of daily life. There are places in Australia where the level of life of the local community is very low. You can help them, describing such situations, searching for various forms of support. Engaging the help contribute to the improvement of their existence.
You can exert pressure on the various governmental and non-governmental organizations, indicating the specific cases that require urgent action.
But above all it is important to talk about it and show it. Reach out to the rest of the social consciousness of Australians or people whom the fate of Aboriginal is not indifferent.

Although in Australia, in general assistance for Aboriginal communities it is relatively very well organized, however there are a lot of holes in this system. Often need people of goodwill who want to dedicate own time for the activity. Organizations are often very busy, in which case a single smaller things get lost in the maze of bureaucracy.

Often need more volunteers who help Aboriginal people in various issues and problems of everyday life, life in the "civilized world"
Yes, there are still many things that you can do for them, our goal is to create further possibilities that this assistance have better reach.
We talk with the people of Northern Australia, trying to determine the scope of duties and directions for our activities.
We want there to set up our permanent base and take part in the everyday life of local communities.

At this moment, one of the types of assistance which we offer, is operating in the field of computing. In today's world it is important to show your own strengths, wider community. This is best to do by Internet. Aborigines well know it, especially the young artists, activists and others who want to show their potential on the Internet.
Hhere our role can be very helpful.

We offer a completely for FREE, realization of projects, online services in the field of web design/ hosting and file management. Help in setting social networking profiles and other services in the promotion and personal development through electronic media.
That's all we offer, is completely free for Aboriginal people.
We want through our activities in this area, to help artists and others who want to enter into the Internet and to reach to a wide international group of Internet users.

We plan in the near future enter other interesting solution.

One of them is help in the realization sound recordings, audio-video ect. We will even provide our own studio/equipment for the realization of art projects. Also completely for free.

Assistance in organization of artistic events:
- Promotion and advertising via Internet
- Realization of sound/ lighting scenes

It's all completely for free for Aboriginal people who want to cooperate with us.

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