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Colonial times have done unimaginable harm to the Aborigines people. Their old lifestyle, dictated by the laws of nature and the Dreamtime, was almost completely destroyed. In today's Australia, where Western lifestyle blooms at the best, to the Aborigines is difficult to accept. Aboriginal people feel immense regret, because the harm has not been repaired. Their land passed into the hands of Western newcomers and the old order was destroyed once for all. That's so sad.
Despite the efforts of the Australian government to improve living conditions for Aboriginal people, do not always bring a positive effect. Aborigines often feel discriminated. Often they talk about inequality and even racist prejudices, from part of the other Australians.
It is difficult for them to live in accordance with the Western style. Western values are for them incomprehensible and strange. They do not want to follow behind it, with few exceptions.

In Australia there are many places where Aborigines live in extreme conditions, they just want to live as before. They do not want help from the government. Just want to live as before. However, for many reasons also ownership of the land that do not belong to them, hinder to the Aborigines. Often these people are in despair, roll down socially. Their lives will remind the state of vegetation. Often they fall victim to alcohol and drugs. We have to help them! I think that there is much still to do and can improve the current situation. The efforts of many people, slowly brings improvements in many areas.

Despite these sad stories, exist a positive direction. Many Aboriginal copes very well in the new reality. Especially the young generation, which easily assimilated Western lifestyle and technology. They are able to combine tradition with modernity. They could understand that now the world is constantly changing. Especially in the last 20-30 years when the Australian government became more friendly to the Aborigines, were established various institutions which are aimed at least in some part to fix what the past decades was destroyed.
Positive changes can be seen more and more. Many Aboriginal people has reached a very high standard of living. I look with hope that the relationship of Aborigines and other Australians are improving and are based on mutual tolerance and respect. I look with hope to the development of Aboriginal communities. The rebirth of their traditions.
It is very comforting.

With great pleasure we will write about it and show the positive transformation.